When in Cabo...get naked, sit on the rocks, and wear Jennifer Aniston's perfume. Duh. / Lolavie

When in Cabo...get naked, sit on the rocks, and wear Jennifer Aniston's perfume. Duh. / Lolavie

I’m not on Team Angelina or Team Brad or anything, but I kind of don’t like Jennifer Aniston. She’s never done anything for me to dislike (aside from all of her movies)…I just…don’t like her. As for why she’s decided to throw her hat into the ring for yet another celebrity perfume…whatever. Her TV character Rachel Green (Friends) would have loved to promote it, I guess.

And the fragrance in question has a weird name to promote, btw – it’s called Lolavie. I guess it’s cute. But part of me wonders if this was the name Aniston was saving for a kid, and she’s just given up. If so, her kid was spared. If she does ever have a child, I hope she names it something normal. SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR AND FREDDIE PRINZE JR. DID IT (baby name: Charlotte!), hop on THAT train, celebs!

Honestly, you can speculate on the name all you want, but Aniston isn’t telling. Of the name she said, “It’s a long story and honestly it’s too personal to tell but it has special significance”. I don’t know about you, but saying “Here’s my perfume, but I won’t tell you how to pronounce the name or even what it means – but buy it anyway!” seems a little snotty. I say, skip her perfume, and check out my time-tested  favorite perfumes for women.

“It’s a nonperfume perfume. Sexy and clean. Floral, but not too flowery,” Aniston told Women’s Wear Daily. “I want people to go, ‘What is that? You smell great!’ But most of all I wanted it to smell natural.” If you want natural perfume, then you make a perfume from natural essential oils – avoiding alcohol. I happen to LOVE essential oil perfumes.

Aniston will be in London this summer to launch her perfume*. Which is good. Everyone knows London smells.

*Her target should be the really real housewives of America, the people in London don’t want her stupid perfume.

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