Craig Fergusen is one of the best late-night talk show hosts around, and we tolerate him more than anyone else who’s on our TV’s past midnight (fictional characters not withstanding.) He had Jeffrey Dean Morgan (JDM) on his show recently, who was there to promote the DVD release of The Losers. We’re not sure if we’ll Netflix the movie, but we’ll be watching all future interviews between this pair.

Interview Highlights Include:

  • Morgan calling Zoe Saldana “That Blue Chick.”
  • Blue latex paint turns JDM on.
  • Fergy introducing JDM like this: “Please welcome awesomeness, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, everybody!”
  • Breakfast food brings mutual excitement. (Here, here!)
  • JDM says his four month year old boy watches TV a lot, aww. An early adopter of the lifestyle!
  • “That’s a snake!”
  • “Little creatures that burrow in your skin…”
  • “It looks like he’s pleasuring himself.”

We smell an ongoing bromance. Or is that burnt toast? Dammit!