Jeff Lewis (Interior Therapy, Flipping Out) has a tendency to be witty and snarky in the same breath. Below, we’ve collected some of his best quotes along with some humorous pictures.

Jeff Lewis Funny Quotes

Jeff Lewis Quotes on adoption: It would help, thought, if the birth parents were big losers.”

Jeff Lewis Quotes, about a client who is also a witch: “I guess she takes it seriously, she has a hat and a broom. As far as I know, that’s how she got here.”

Jeff Lewis Funny Quotes: “Just so you know- you don’t have to work weekend nights. That being said, it would look bad if you didn’t.”

jeff lewis funny

Jeff Lewis Quotes: “There are a lot of rolling blackouts. Basically what happens is when the power goes out the air conditioning doesn’t work, the Jacuzzi doesn’t work, and my vodka gets warm.”

Jeff Lewis Quotes: “I’m not saying that I’m going to take advantage of the situation, but I’m going to take advantage of the situation.”

Jeff Lewis Funny Quotes: “Ideally, 70% lemonade, 20% punch, 10% sprite. If they don’t have fruit punch, do like 85% lemonade and 15% sprite. If they don’t have Lemonade, do 85% punch and 15% sprite…or 7UP.”jeff lewis

Jeff Lewis Funny Quotes: “Look at Jenni, even with all that make up she found someone.”

Jeff Lewis Quotes: Jeff: “We all know I’m not above whoring out my employees for discounts.”

Jeff Lewis Quotes: “I think what’s going to reduce stress is to scare Andrew.”

jeff lewis

Jeff to Zoila, on having too much trash: “Put it in the neighbor’s trash can, that’s what I do.”

Jeff Lewis Funny Quotes: “I don’t mind an immediate no. As long as I can turn that immediate no into a yes.”

jeff lewis jenni pulos

Jeff Lewis Quotes: “What I don’t want is just like birds chirping, and butterflies, and rainbows. I don’t want to live that way.”

jenni pulos jeff lewis

Jeff Lewis Quotes: “If Gage and I ever break up, I would consider just dating a blow up doll.”

Jeff Lewis Quotes, on rehiring Andrew: “And he didn’t murder anyone, as far as I know.”

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