Getting our news from the man himself, Jason Bateman tweeted earlier, “The new Orbit short from Dumbdumb is up at YouTube. I’d post the link, but still dumb. Sorry. It’s called The Dancer. Hope you like it!”

Jason Bateman in "The Dancer"

Orbit Dirty Shorts now gives us the second episode of the Orbit Gum web series: “The Dancer.” Yup, a gum brand has a web series. In “The Dancer” Jason Bateman is a dirty, dirty girl (you read that right) in a dirty, dirty strip club that could use some cleaning up, stat. Watch to see how it gets done.

Mildly entertaining (like a 4.5 on the funny scale out of 10), we feel dirty just watching it. The video is after the jump.

Synopsis: Orbit Dirty Shorts presents “The Dancer” — the second episode in a new web series from Orbit gum. In “The Dancer”, Jason Bateman is caught in another unusually dirty situation: performing on the main stage of a strip club. Watch Jason Bateman’s performance and find out how he uses Orbit gum to clean up the dirty mouths of the strip club patrons.

Hmmm. It’s up to you! Does this make you want to buy some Orbit Gum?