In a recent interview with Malibu Magazine, January Jones of Mad Men talks about her crusade to help Sharks. It was only last year that Jones joined Oceana (an ocean conservation organization), but she’s she’s always been passionate about the Ocean. There was even a point in her life where she wanted to become an Oceanographer instead of an actress. Now, she uses her celebrity clout to get things done.

A bikini of blue and a heart of gold: January Jones for Malibu Magazine

Jones was in Washington D.C. to try and get the Shark Conservation Act passed by Congress. Her travels out there led to a meeting with Sen. John McCain that ran long, and ended with McCain co-sponsoring the bill.  And this is a bill that has apparently been taken out of the running at least twice before, for lack of support (or money, or hot women who push the issue.)

Rather than feeling beholden to McCain, Jones has spoken out about that experience with an illuminating quote.

When asked if celebrity endorsements make an impact, Jones replied:

“Yes, I think they do — particularly if the celebrity is truly passionate about it. When I was in Washington, I sort of felt like when I was in school and a substitute teacher is there or you have a speaker in class, you are excited to have a little break in the day. So John McCain wanted to know about Betty, and I wanted to appease him, but I was trading. ‘So I will answer that if you put your name right here on the dotted line. …'”

Here is a January Jones video of her in Belize, speaking on behalf of sharks:

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