One of your Mad Men ladies will be gracing Project Runway as a guest judge. January Jones didn’t do well as a host on SNL, and many people questioned her Emmy dress (I can’t decide if I love or hate her futuristic Alice in Wonderland blue dress.) But now January Jones from Mad Men will be a guest judge on Project Runway. Do you think she’ll do better on this show than SNL? After all, here all she has to do is give her opinion.  (Preferably a blunt, sound-bytey one.)

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But I feel tres forlorn by seeing what she’s going to be wearing on Project Runway. I’m unsure if this is the top of a dress, or just a top. Either way, it’s a LOT of detailed black (and black shows up horribly against the blue backgroup Project Runway has) on a modest-looking ensemble. She reminds me of an overdressed Pilgrim on her way to the prom. Her makeup isn’t bad, but she really should have had a pop of color on her lips to negate the conservative tone of her outfit.

Basically, January Jones is really boring the hell out of me. Liven thinks up, Jones! You’re talented, beautiful and on one of the most celebrated TV series of the past several years! This is no time to feign being a wallflower.

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