January Jones "Mad Men" star at the 1st Annual Power of Women Luncheon in Beverly Hills 2009

January Jones "Mad Men" star at the 1st Annual Power of Women Luncheon in Beverly Hills 2009

These days, January Jones is best known for her role of Betty Draper on AMC’s Mad Men. She’s earned tons of respect for her portrayal of Betty, and I’ve seen many people saying she’s one of the best dramatic actresses on TV. People will literally defend her to even just to a wall. THAT’S how sincere they are about supporting her!

While I am still on season 2 of Mad Men, I am secure in saying that she’s a fantastic actress. I’m very stoked to keep watching the series and being envious of the vintage clothing.

But apparently there was one person in her past that did not support Jones. Back to when January Jones first moved out to L.A. (hoping to make the move from being a Abercrombie model to an actress) she had less support. In fact, even her then-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher wasn’t supportive. TV Guide learned from Jones: “[He] was not supportive of my acting,” the 31-year-old actress told GQ. “He was like, ‘I don’t think you’re going to be good at this.'”

Despite Kutcher’s criticism, Jones credits him for helping her career. “He only has nice things to say now — if anything, I should thank him,” Jones told the magazine. “Because the minute you tell me I can’t do something, that’s when I’m most motivated.”

I’m pretty sure that Jones would have kept going in her career even if Kutcher hadn’t told her she’d be bad at it. But for a guy who’s supposed to have a good eye for things (because he endorses some camera thing and supports new shows that fail i.e. Miss Guided & The Beautiful Life) he certainly didn’t see a star in his grasp.

These days, Aston is just some guy who used to be on a funny TV show, who used to be in buzzworthy movies, and who currently does commercials for cameras, is married to Demi Moore and is on Twitter. Woo-hoo? It’s fair to say he may be bitterly making some “Dude, where’s my career?” jokes to himself. Meanwhile, Jones is on one of the must-see TV shows, and has been nominated for a Golden Globe.

Can you imagine how frustrating it must have been to have Kutcher (who was also at one point only a model) tell her that? And can you imagine how long she’s kept that silent? I’m glad she’s spoken out about that because it’s especially important for young girls to realize that someones their boyfriends will put them down on purpose. And instead of being silent about it, January was ballsy enough to speak out on it. Kudos to her.

As my Mother would say, Jones laughed all the way to the bank!

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