The season finale of Party Down will have a familiar face return to its ranks – Constance Carmell (Jane Lynch). I was so sad when Lynch left the show, but she’s definitely appreciated on Glee. Read on to see why you don’t need me for spoilers about this finale!

Jane Lynch was a great part of Party Down: Season 1 (2009)

Constance gets to see her old Party Down crew, and meet new team member Lydia (Megan Mullally). Because she’s getting married it was only natural to hire Party Down to cater, duhs.

As if this episode wasn’t awesome enough on its own, Ken Marino (Ron) directed it.

Other special guest stars in the Party Down season finale: Alex Rocco (famous for Mafia movies like The Godfather but he was even in That Thing You Do!), June Raphael (was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and was part of the UCBT aka Upright Citizens Brigade Theater), Michael Hitchcock (a favorite of Christopher Guest films but he’s also been on Glee, United States of Tara and in the Joss Whedon movie Serenity!), John Ross Bowie (Barry on The Big Bang Theory), Erick Avari (he’s the narrator on Heroes aka Chandra Suresh, and he’s also been on TV shows like Leverage and Alias), Jennifer Irwin (she was in an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? but has done other stuff, of course) and Jim Turner (comedian, ’nuff said). With this group of insider-friends, I bet the cast and crew had a really great time filming the Party Down season 2 finale. Wish I’d been there. I always imagine that I’d be a kickass wedding planner like Jennifer Lopez was in that movie.

As unofficial team leader, here are my instructions:

Ron – Try not to kill the groom. We’d have to give them their deposit back.

Kyle – When your band, Karma Rocket, plays – no sucking is allowed. Or lyrics that allude to oral sex. This is a wedding, not an orgy. We catered the orgy last month.

Casey – Don’t have any algae water. You’re not going to like it. WHO likes algae water? If you were on LOST, you’d build a water purification system before you started drinking water with algae.

Lydia – You’re right, having a DVR is very important! I trust your judgment. Carry on.

Henry – Now is not the time to get all inspired, ugh. The bar can’t work itself, can it?

Martin – Here, have something to eat. Oh, crap…

Constance – God love ya, you’re a nutburger.

Catch the Party Down season finale on Friday, June 25th. You can ALSO watch the finale right now! Watch Party Down online, free at the Starz screening room.

THIS Friday, you can watch an all new Party Down (2×08) called
“Joel Munt’s Big Deal Party.” Episode synopsis: Roman (Martin Starr) is less than thrilled when he discovers the party is being thrown by his ‘sell-out’ writing partner (guest star Paul Scheer) who hired him to rub his face in the sale of his new sci-fi script.

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