Jane Krakowski is one of the funniest actresses around. To miss an interview with her is to miss … well, something really cool. So, make sure to catch up and watch the interview below!

jane krakowski

Jay Leno is thiiiiis small. That's what I think she was saying! ;p Okay, or not.

I had no idea that Krakowski was engaged, but I’m happy to hear that for her. Her fiance Robert Godley is English and seems very dapper.

She’s from Jersey, but she says her vacations were nothing like what you see on The Jersey Shore.

The second clip is well worth the watch to see the Atari commercial she was in. It’s EPIC.

Now on 30 Rock, Jenna is dating someone who impersonates her. Krakowski says it is her “ideal romance” because she’s basically dating herself. Will Forte plays the Jenna impersonator. If you didn’t see the 30 Rock finale, get thee to hulu!

I’m excited to see what her album “Jane, the laziest girl in town” sounds like. She’s always been a great jazz singer.

Jane Krakowski: Part 1: Jane Krakowski talks 30 Rock’s season finale and her strange love triangle.

Jane Krakowski continued: Part 2: Jane Krakowski talks Atari, Jersey Shore and 30 Rock script in space.

jane krakowski engaged

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