Jane By Design premieres tonight on ABC Family. The pilot is titled “The Intern”

Jane By Design Episode Guide – The Intern

Written by April Blair. Directed by Lev L Spiro

Meet Jane Quimby. She’s being raised by her older brother, Ben, even as he’s struggling to find a job. She arranges for an internship with a hip retail company (think Urban Outfitters), but things go awry when she’s mistaken for another Jane . . . a Jane meant to be applying for a job as assistant to Gray Chandler Murray (Andie MacDowell), the Senior Accessories Buyer. And before she knows it, Jane has the job.

Gray is always on the road, usually abroad, so Jane only communicates with her via the computer, which allows for Jane to only have part time office hours — but the hours still may kill her, as she has to balance school in the morning and work in the afternoons and some evenings. Can she pull it off?

Her co-workers include Jeremy Jones (Rowly Dennis), the new, 20-something senior designer who may show a professional and personal interest in Jane; and Gray’s underling, India Jordain (India De Beaufort), who Gray wants Jane to keep an eye on.

At school, the people in Jane’s life include her good friend Billy Nutter (Nicholas Roux), who helps her with her deception; Lulu Pope (Meagan Tandy), the resident mean girl; and Nick Fadden (Matthew Atkinson), a popular boy who Jane has been into for a while.

And we’ve got to take note of the Jane By Design outfits, clothes and dresses!

Jane By Design Cast and Characters

Erica Dasher as Jane Quimby
Nick Roux as Billy Nutter
Rowly Dennis as Jeremy Jones
India de Beaufort as India Jordain
Andie MacDowell as Gray Chandler Murray
Matthew Atkinson as Nick Fadden
Meagan Tandy as Lulu Pope

Matthew Atkinson

Nick Roux

jane by design nick roux

Nick Roux

Nick Roux with his shades.

Nick Roux and Erica Dasher

jane by design nick roux

Nick Roux with his faux hawk.

jane by design clothes

Hanging out in-between classes.

india de beaufort

Jane at work.

india de beaufort

India De Beaufort

india de beaufort

India De Beaufort knows she’s beautiful.

The pink Jane By Design Dress

So flouncy, so pink.

Jane is practically Cinderella.