Jane By Design is a cute show, but if you get nit-picky you’ll never enjoy it properly.

Three Boys, And None to Dismiss. There are four guys in Jane’s (Erica Dasher) life, but we wont’ count her Brother Ben. There’s cutie McCutie Jeremy (Rowly Dennis) with the accent where she works, there’s popular jock boy who’s not a jerk like she thought, and there’s her best friend Billy (Nicholas Roux)  who is into her but is afraid to admit it. I wish I could at least hate one of them, but I feel super torn about which guy I like Jane with best.

Ignoring and Enjoying. This is a cute show, but you can’t pick it apart too much or you’ll start getting annoyed. For instance, who gets up before school and re-tailors a pair of pants? And for plot purposes it’s cute to see her running around to change outfits from school to work, and from dance to work function… but in reality she could go for a safe staple dress and not have to change any of her outfits. Another “oh brother” moment came when the pink dress she designed (which she wore to the wrong event) was needed to go down the runway. But instead of talking about how that’s all way too coincidental (and it didn’t at all fit in with the rest of the line), I just want to talk about how cute and fun the show is.

The Mean Girls Rule. Lulu (Meagan Tandy) and India (India De Beaufort) are both mean girls in Jane’s life, but I find that I actually like Lulu a bit. India, on the other hand, is hard to like at all (although she’s darn pretty!)

The Jane By Design Pink Dress. Well.. it’s a statement! And I loved how the show almost felt like an 80’s movie (the music was triggering memories, guys!) That dress looks like a lot of fun to wear. It does seem a little sad that she had to destroy her Mom’s dress to construct it.

Brother Ben. I have a total crush on Ben (Matthew Atkinson), but I don’t really dig his storyline with going back to school and inevitably falling for the girl he used to ignore in high school. It feels kind of boring. And he’s too cute of a character to feel bored by!

The Perils of Styling. Styling is actually a very important art in fashion, but I didn’t like that all we saw Jane do was switching around a few necklaces. And one of those “before” looks and the “after” looks was basically the same. If you watch It’s a Brad Brad World (airing now on Bravo) or are familiar with The Rachel Zoe Project you knwo how hard styling a line truly is. I get that Jane wants to be a designer, and not a stylist… I just wish they’d honor every part of the fashion world by showing that it’s not as easy as throwing a necklace with a top and calling it a day. If it was that easy, we’d all get dressed in under five minutes, every morning. …Yea, I don’t see that happening either! Haha.

This episode was charming. Grade: B+