The new ABC Family series Jane By Design premiered Tuesday night, and we adored it. After all, what’s not to adore?

india de beaufort

It’s a fun, friendly show that’s like the equivalent of your favorite chick flick – spaced out in new chapters every week. The fashion is fun, the boys are cute, the mean girls (Lulu and India) are amusing, and the plotline is sweetly satisfying.

The titular character is played by Erica Dasher. Teased at school for being a loser, Jane is called “plain jane” but she’s got a great sense of goofy humor, ambition, and style! Dasher has nailed this endearing “girl next door” role.

The boys of the show are going to get their own paragraph. There’s a couple of boys Jane has her eye on – Nick (Matthew Atkinson) and he of the devlish accent, Jeremy Jones (Rowly Dennis.) But Nick is only noticing her now that she’s got a fancy car, and Jeremy has been hooking up with India! Ugh. Now, Billy (Nick Roux) may be Jane’s best friend who has a thing for the gorgeous and popular Lulu (Meagan Tandy), but don’t you think Jane and Billy would be the cutest couple ever? And don’t forget, there’s also Jane’s attractive brother, Ben (David Clayton Rogers.) Think he’ll get a job at her high school in the athletic department? That might put a few kinks in Jane’s plans…

The idea of having a boss so busy she’s not in town is interesting in theory, but we’d love to see more of Andie MacDowell instead of just via a screen inside of our screen!

The questions we’re left with are: why is India de Beaufort named India jourdain on the show (it’s confusing), does Gray not need Jane to arrive at work before noon?, and wouldn’t Gray have wanted to interview Jane a bit before hiring her? We’re also wondering if you guys loved this show as much as we did – so sound off in the comments with a YAY or a NAY.

P.S. Do you have a favorite of Jane’s outfits from the pilot? That white blouse with the red polka dots was pretty cute, huh?

Jane By Design is so fun, so don’t miss this stylish show!