Jane By Design offers miles of style on ABC Family.

jane by design clothes

Andie MacDowell as Gray Chandler Murray wore a lace-looking textured dress that’s black. It’s by Dolce & Gabbana. Her smokey eye makeup was complimented by her blown out and straightened hair. The Anna Herrington necklace is out of this world, right? It’s purposefully asymmetrical. That’s why it’s so interesting and makes you do a double take. It also keeps Gray’s outfit from being too predictable and safe – things that we now know she hates. (Gray also added power to her outfit with black nylons and black platform pumps.)

Erica Dasher is Jane Quimby, and in “Runway” she wore this sweet outfit. She really does seem to favor red and white polka dot tops, right? It’s doubtful you’re going to get up before school and sew yourself a new pair of pants. You can instead just buy the ones she “made” which are by Tory Burch. The red blouse is by Marc Jacobs, and for the perfect touch the whimsical shoes are by Betsey Johnson. It’s like a Punk Sailor Nautical look, or something.

India de Beaufort as India Jourdain used her sex appeal in this episode, and it’s easy for her to do in this metallic silver Black Halo dress and hot, hot Alexander McQueen shoes. The sparkly bracelets (it looks like one cuff made to look like a bunch of smaller bracelets) gives her all the accessorizing she needs, aside from her, uh, cleavage.