Dress like Jane Quimby (Erica Dasher) by following this formula. (Math can be stylish, apparently.)

Jane  impressed me with several outfits last night in the premiere of Jane By Design. But the one that stuck in my mind is actually one she wore in promotional photos for the series. It’s super cute, and she managed to pull off wearing this to school and to her posh fashion job.

Similar Items to Re-Create the Outfit

  • BOW Necklace in gold handmade by Laonato on Etsy, Link
  • Gray Chambray Sashay Dress from ModCloth, Link
  • JONES NEW YORK SIGNATURE Sapphire Blue Ruffled Cardigan Sweater from Lord and Taylor, Link
  • Metal Keeper Super Skinny Pink Belt from ASOS, Link
  • ROBERTO CAVALLI top YOOX Collection: Spring-Summer from YOOX, Link

Your Formula to Re-Create the Outfit, Using Stuff in Your Closet!

  1. Find a great base. It can be a skirt or a dress that you can layer over. The elements show here were a metallic kind of fabric and a tiered, almost ruffled style. Jane wears a lot of these short, tiered skirts that make her look like she’s a cupcake.
  2. Based on the color of your skirt/dress you’ll want to pick a colorful tank top or t-shirt to put on next. It should have a graphic, multi-colored look.
  3. A long cardigan gets layered over that top, ideally a color that can be picked up in the color of that shirt.
  4. A skinny, bright belt is added next.
  5. Add a fun accessory, like a gold bow necklace. Put on some shoes, grab a bag – and you’re out the door!

If you can spare a second then share that you read this Pretzel fashion inspiration piece about from Small Screen Scoop by leaving a note on the ABC Family Jane By Design Facebook page! (Thank you so, SO, SO much!)

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Jane By Design airs Tuesday January 3 on ABC Family at 9/8 c!