chloe-payne-mercy-8611590-460-339One highly successful way to drive people to watching a preview for your show is to imply that you think it contains too many spoilers, and are surprised it’s online. That’s what James van der Beek did (on purpose or not – who knows!) when he tweeted: NBC leaked a scene from the season 1 #Mercy finale! Not sure they meant to, but here it is: SPOILER ALERT!

And I have two points to mention. 1) Did anyone ever write any Dawson Leery and Dawn Summers fanfic? I never would have thought to do a crossover of those shows with these two characters. 2) If you had told me ten years ago that someday I’d be able to go online and get automatic updates from my favorite TV personalities about what’s going on their mind, or what they ate, or what they think about petting zoo’s – I would have thought you were nuts. And then I’d think, hey – it’d be awesome if that happened. And this is why Twitter is so cool.

The Mercy preview is after the jump.