You certainly aren’t here to hear if James Franco was charming and dreamy on The Mindy Project, because you’re smart enough to know that he always is. He would probably be both those things while gutting a fish, or giving a speech on Kathie Lee’s greatest life moments.

James Franco and Mindy Kaling. Photo: FOX

James Franco and Mindy Kaling. Photo: FOX

No, what you want to know is what happened on the show, if he did well, and if he’ll be back. The answers are: see below, yes, yes.

On the show, Franco played Dr. Paul Leotard (ha) who is many things, along with a registered sex therapist. Which…I didn’t even know was a real thing. But, I guess so. Especially when we have Tiger Woods et al claiming to have sex addiction. Maybe they can prescribe reverse Viagra for them? Anyway, he came in to replace Dr. Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) as she went off to Haiti with her boyfriend, Casey. To, like, save the world and be cultured among the bugs. Good for her.

Of course, it’s bad for her when something with her gallbladder happens. It burst, or… I didn’t pay attention enough to this part. Anyway, she returns! And she meets this new Doctor, and likes him. She even finds him attractive, despite her new status as engaged. (Do I think they will have romance as a detour before her and Danny? Hm… well, Mindy Kaling couldn’t bring James Franco on the show and not kiss him a little…so probably, yes!)

When it turns out that blah blah blah Mindy Lahiri is STAYING in New York, it becomes apparent that there are now two doctors in a place where there can be just one. Office sharing hijinks will probably ensue.

James Franco and Mindy Kaling. (Also, omg, Twiggy has a line on HSN? WHAT THE WHAT, I LIKE THESE SHOES... Mindy Kaling, tell us what you THINK.

James Franco and Mindy Kaling. (Also, omg, Twiggy has a line on HSN? WHAT THE WHAT, I LIKE THESE SHOES… Mindy Kaling, tell us what you THINK.

The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 1 Review Notes about James Franco

– His character was smug and exactly the kind of jack-in-a-box you love to hate.
– His sperm was used for comparison, and his sperm was like…a disco party. Or a rave. Yea, definitely a rave kind of sperm party.
– Touch your partner’s earlobe. Silky, is it not? It is the clitoris of the head. – Dr. Leotard
– Now, we focus on our sex groans. Uh, that’s good. – Dr. Leotard
– His slow-motion entrance. With music. Because that’s what happens.
– I’ve had a lot of luck with it. It won a Grammy. – On a Sex music CD
– I was meant to guide babies down the original runway, the human birth canal. – Paul Leotard
– “That guy is big time gay face.” – Paul Leotard aka James Franco Quotes on The Mindy Project

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