Is your fragile, vulnerable James Durbin  just a brat with a bad attitude that mostly enjoys writing songs about whores? Uh, quite possibly.

James Durbin has won hearts on American Idol for being the guy who has a decent voice and a story just like everyone else has a story. His involves being raised by his Mother, a dead father who OD’d when James was just 9 years of age, and being diagnosed with Tourettes and Aspergers. 

For those who aren’t fans, there are reasons. Such as: he screams through half of his songs.  He’s being compared to Adam Lambert, which has to piss Lambert off since this guy hasn’t even pretended to receive oral on stage yet. But seriously, how do you draw that comparison? He doesn’t have the same look or anywhere near the same vocal capabilities.

He seems like a punk.

As for his style… Oh boy. He can’t stop wearing doo rags, and Steven Tyler-esque scarves that trail down his backside like a tail. Having a defined style is great. But does he want to be a member of N’Sync this badly? It’s rocker-lite, and it’s kind of pathetic.

The thing I can’t get over is how much of a jerk James Durbin was during Hollywood week. If you recall he wasn’t very kind of people, and even spied on kids doing the same song as his group was.  (In the episode that aired 2/16) He also kicked people out of his group, didn’t he? And not in a polite way.

james durbin american idol

Wah, why do you have to bring up that stuff? I’m religious. Don’t you see my dangling cross earring? DOES THAT MEAN NOTHING TO YOU?

There’s no need to bring a person down for no reason at all. But TMZ found a pretty good reason.

James Durbin was in the band “The Hollywood Scars” and just last April they were competing in a battle of the bands. During an interview Durbin says he loves (nay, his favorite thing) to write songs about “having sex with women…whores…having a good time.” That’s a different tune than the down on his luck mamma’s boy we heard on American Idol. Seriously. Don’t just root for him because you know someone with one of the afflictions he has, and think that’s enough of a reason. (I have someone in my life with Autism. But I just don’t think Durbin has a great voice, or a great attitude.)