Last night on American Idol 2011 James Durbin  sang “Uprising” originally performed by Muse.  He wanted to show he could be contemporary. He, apparently, also wanted to bring a marching band on stage.

What did the judges think?

Steven Tyler –  “You stay out of my closet now!” he joked. “Mad Max meets Storm Troopers on Melrose. You’d be surprised how expensive it costs to look this cheap.” And, “I just love that you’re out of your mind – beautifully so.”

Jennifer Lopez –  She loved this so much – especially loved the theatrics. She thought it was the highest she’d ever heard him sing. In a word, “Amazing.”

Randy Jackson –  Randys aid he loves Muse, and I laughed. Uh, okay, sure. “I hope you follow this direction. Dude, you were unbelievable up there. The whole thing with the drums….” He said it would probably be the best performance of the night. And it was only the second performance of the night.

I’ll admit, it’s a really great song choice. I was less convinced that I liked how he entered with a marching band. His voice had almost won me over until he went up for his “famous” high notes. I don’t buy those – they’re not great all the time.

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