This adventure of ‘Party On’ with Jacqueline M. Wood took us to Marrakech, Morroco. Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt (short blonde hair) joined Jacquie for this trip.

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Relaxing by the pool is crucial! Photo: E!

Party On Recap

Hot Spots Mentioned on ‘Party On’ (E!)

  • Nikki Beach – Drinks in the pool.
  • The Medina in Marakech – A dance off, with the moonwalk. Even though it’s a very traditional, old spot.
  • Souk Semmarine – Shopping in the market stalls and shops. Including the antique store La Port D’Or (Marakech Souk). Compared to an “older” Rodeo Drive. Paul McCartney, The Beckhams, Lionel Richie, Will Smith…they all have their pictures on the wall from shopping there. The most expensive things have been sold to Tom Cruise (an old, unusual carpet.)
    Snake charmers in the street. The music they play supposedly hypnotizes the snakes and keeps them from biting you. Jacquie interacted witha cobra, a way deadly snake.
  • The desert. To ride camels! Where Jacqui learns that camels are super slow. Then, dune buggy driving. Way faster.
  • VIP Desert party, 18 miles into the wilderness. No electricity! A banquet of berber food (nomads) is eaten under the stars, with plenty of Fig Mahai aka water of life. It’s 90 % alcohol. For dinner, cow appendix! No, cow spleen! Gotta admit, it looks worth trying. Jaqueline said it tasted like a samosa. AFter the food, a desert rave with fire tricks, dancing, and starlight.
  • Clothes shopping at ‘Pop up Shop’ over Le Jardin restaurant. Each design item is original.
  • Staying at (any) Riad – a traditional building set around a garden/pool.
  • Theatro nightclub – a costume party with snakes and the world’s best DJ’s. Total (loud) insanity!

Celebs who visit Marrakech (Maybe you’ll spot one?)

Tom Cruise
Mariah Carey
David Beckham
Naomi Campbell
Jennifer Aniston
Orlando Bloom
Kate Moss
Russel Crowe
P Diddy

REACT: Which place that was mentioned in this episode would you most like to visit?