Barney and Robin

Barney and Robin

Tonight on CBS was a new episode of How I Met Your Mother.

How I Might Your Mother Highlights for The Sexless Inkeeper:

1. Earnest Marshall and his Gouda. Because Lilly is a gourmet cook, Marshall is only in charge of one item for their double date dinner party nights. He’s a fan of cheese, and he backs Gouda. This reminds me of when Monica Geller (Friends) was having a party and she let Phoebe be in charge of just ice and cups. On Friends, Phoebe turned that into a huge deal and stole the party with her snow cones. Marshall takes a different tact, being incredibly creepy in pushing his Gouda. But really, you gotta respect a man who cares so much.

2. Ted as the Sexless Innkeeper. Don’t feel bad Ted, even we didn’t see this one coming, though all the signs were there! A girl hooks up with Ted just to use him for a place to crash since he lived so closed to the bar. Mostly, we’re just surprised this hasn’t happened before. When you live right over a bar isn’t it hard to not turn it into an unofficial hotel? Why hasn’t Barney ever used this to his advantage?

3. Barney in Armani sweatpants. …’nuff said.

4. It Was the Best Night Ever Website Marshall is a fan of making slide shows and performing songs to go along with them. And you know what? We hope he makes more. The more mundane the activity, the more it needs a musical slideshow! This is why YouTube was created, people!

Those are my top moments from The Sexless Innkeeper, what are yours?

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