big love season 4

On Big Love Margene is married to Bill Henrickson. Who is also married to Barb. And Barb and Bill have a son named Ben. Margene and Ben kissed. YEA. So…Margene kissed her son? Son-in-law? Step-son? The two are close in age, but Margene is probably too old to be kissing Ben even if he wasn’t her son. If he wasn’t, I could ship them. I used to ship them. But as Margene matures it just seems more wrong and wrong. Plus, there’s the whole she’s married to his Dad!!! I feel sad for them both, because I think Margene and Ben would be a much better couple than Margie and Bill. Bill treats her like crapola. But that is a line that should not be crossed.

Margene! How dare she kiss Ben?! Please tell me Big Love will fix this. — Barrie
MICKEY: I wouldn’t say fix exactly. Ben and Margene will come to terms about what happened, but the kiss might be just the first item on the list titled Crazy Things Margene Does This Season. This is a woman who works on live television, remember. – TV Guide

So what did YOU think of the kiss?