Tonight is March 7th, 2013, and we know the question you’re all asking… Is the Vampire Diaries on tonight? And if so, is it a new episode?

the vampire diaries season 4

The sad truth is that #TVD is on a hiatus right now. #SADFACING. We know, we know! The series returns with season 4, episode 22 on March 14 2013 with the amazing title of, “Bring It On.” In the meantime….may we suggest watching the movie the title borrowed from?

And hey, no need to stop with the first one. There’s what, like a bajillion sequels to that franchise now? (None of them particularly good, but pay that no mind!)

What we solved for you this time:

  • Is The Vampire Diaries a new episode tonight?
  • Is the Vampire Diaries on tonight?
  • Is there a new Vampire Diaries on tonight?

To refresh your memory, the most recent episode of The Vampire Diaries was titled, “Stand By Me.”