Mostly recently, Revenge season 2 delivered the episode of “Masquerade” unto us. And boy, was it ever delicious. Plus, the fashion was amazing. But it’s time for our weekly question…is Revenge new tonight on ABC?

revenge masquerade

Emily and Daniel in “Masquerade”

The answer, sadly, is no. But don’t run away all sad just yet…

Revenge season 2 episode 19 does have a title for us to ruminate upon… and that title is, “Identity.” The episode will air on April 28, 2013.

We also know the episode titles for the rest of the season. They are as follows: “Falcon”, “Truth Part 1”, and “Truth Part 2.” That’s not too telling, considering the show is unlikely to reveal too many big truths to us…ever. However, season finales are the best time to drop some knowledge on fans….especially by way of cliffhangers. And, no doubt, Revenge will have plenty for us to savor and think about over the summer. Thank you, Mike Kelley. But…throw a spoiler or two our way, maybe? Just a tiny one?