Hoping for a quick trip to Storybrooke tonight? Well, then you might have to visit the town on Netflix…

once upon a time

Today is March 31, 2013…Easter… and there is NO new episode of OUAT tonight. Sorry, guys!

Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 19 will air on April 21, 2013. The episode title will be “Lacey.” In the episode, we see Robin Hood will make an appearance, courtesy of actor Tom Ellis. Nicholas Carella will be playing the role of “Rabbit Hole Bartender.”

After the OUAT hiatus, we’ll be welcomed back with a Belle-centric episode. Of course, she’s… calling herself “Lacey.” Which was who she thought she was before the curse broke. Now, of course, she’s forgotten who she really is, and reverted back to this Lacey persona.

Photo: ABC. Are you excited for another episode led by Emilie de Ravin?