Is Nashvile new tonight on ABC? We could certainly use some country charm on this Wednesday night!

nashville tv show 1

However, the episode is a repeat! Sorry guys. This episode of Nashville is titled “Lovesick Blues” and it first aired in late November 2012. In it, Rayna and Juliette have to work together for a work event. Juliette is having problems with Sean, and – hey, remember when Gunnar had a girlfriend? Scarlett goes out with them for a fun night. But anyone, even Gunnar’s girlfriend, can see how moony eyed Gunnar is for Scarlett.

If you can manage it, catch the season finale of Suburgatory season 2 tonight on ABC from 8-9 pm. It’s followed by a repeat of Modern Family (“A Slight at the Opera”) and then a brand new episode of the Sarah Chalke show How To Live With Your Parents Forever.

Recap: Is Nashville new tonight? No.