It’s no secret that Nashville season 1 is winding down, but there are still a few new episodes to keep your eyes peeled for. So, is Nashvillew new tonight?

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Rayna gets bad news on Nashville tonight. Photo: ABC

The answer is a resounding yes. Tonight, April 10, a new episode of Nashville airs on ABC. The episode title is “My Heart Would Know.” In it, Rayna has to ditch Juliette in NYC. It doesn’t seem like that will go over well for anyone! Meanwhile, Deacon has a few things to say to Juliette that she definitely won’t like hearing. But Juliette will also be getting a new roadie…Avery.

Nashville “My Heart Would Know” Synopsis

A personal crisis in Nashville causes Rayna to leave the tour in New York City before her sold-out concert with Juliette, but for Juliette, the show must go on. Jolene (Sylvia Jefferies) stakes a claim on her sober counselor Dante (Jay Hernandez) as Juliette gets closer to him personally and professionally, and Deacon doesn’t like the woman Juliette has become and tells her point-blank. Gunnar declares the next 24 hours a “Scarlett O’Connor party” to celebrate her success, and she brings Will (Chris Carmack) along to join the fun. Meanwhile Avery (Jonathan Jackson) becomes a roadie for Juliette, and secrets involving the men in Rayna’s life see the light of day. Nashville Season 1 Episode 17

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The cast of Nashville season 1.

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