After watching “Cover Me”, the biggest takeaway is about a new suspect for A!

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She used to seem totally sane…but now…. Photo by ABC Family

During this episode of Pretty Little Liars, both Spencer and Ezra believe that Ali’s own mother, Mrs. DiLaurentis, is the infamous A.

Spencer seemed pretty well-convinced after getting into a makeshift grave of her bed…there was dirt at the end of it, and she put her feet down into it without knowing it was there. (It might not be exactly on par with Aria being buried alive, but it still was gross.)

The morning after it happened, who should stop by but….Mrs. DiLaurentis. And she had comments about “clean sheets!”

Maybe she’s a red herring, but (also) maybe not at all. If we think about it…who would want to punish these girls more than the Mother of the dead girl? Maybe she’s like, crazy in the head! Or mad that none of them died, but her daughter did.

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