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Notes on Lost 6×01 “LA X” : There was so much excitement surrounding LOST yesterday that I found it hard to believe that everyone in the world wasn’t caught up in the whirlwind. As the show aired, I turned off my computer to focus on the show, without distraction. I found a lot of the episode to have me nodding my head as things make sense in hindsight (we had all figured out Fake Locke was the Smoke Monster, right?). And other things/aspects/elements are completely unexplainable.

The Juliet Factor

There’s been a lot of talk of the waste of hope in bringing Juliet back only to kill her off “again” or rather, for good. (And even then, just in that “timeline”.) I think it helped moved the Sawyer storyline along without dragging it through without any sense of closure.

What Juliet said before death served lots of purposes. First, she was mumbling about coffee and going dutch. Was it nonsense? Charlotte was mumbling when she died on the island. Is it possible that in death on the island you see something? One assumes that Juliet saw the parallel world she was living, because we find out that what important bit of information she wanted Sawyer to know was that “It worked”. This lends intrigue to the entire situation, and also made Sawyer decide not to go kill Jack. Which is nice, because a big fight between them right now would just be annoying. There are much bigger things on their plates.

Sayid is Jesus or God or Something

Sayid died and is now probably Jacob. That seems fairly obvious.

Claire is Back

On the island she may be dead, but in the parallel world she’s not. We don’t know what ever became of Aaron, but we do know she has a really horrible wig.

Aaron is Important, Right?

My favorite episode of season one of Lost, aside from the pilot, was the first one I ever watched. The one with Claire, learning her history – and a psychic telling her not to let anyone else raise Aaron. What are the implications of the baby Aaron? How does he figure into the picture? He’s always seemed important.

Charlie Always Dies

Whether he dies on purpose or is just trying to kill himself, that boy wants death.

Boone Makes Us Sad

Ah, Boone. I love him and know we won’t get a lot of him since they film in Hawaii and Ian Somerhalder’s working on a show already. But I loved the connection between Boone/Locke on the plane. Would have loved Shannon there, but Maggie Grace is shooting a film. We could always see her later on, though.

Point two to make about Boone is that it was always implied that everyone on the island was chosen. But for certain characters who died right away, does that mean they filled their purpose? Were their lives meaningless in the grand scheme of LOST? (Vs. those who make it to the end.) The writers always said they killed off Boone and Shannon because they were both too young to have rich backstories. This is sad to hear because 1) young people can have lots of stories HAVE THEY NOT SEEN THAT MOVIE WITH NIKKI REED? 2) the writer’s hadn’t thought that far ahead yet in terms of who was important to the series finale. Which means… did the writer’s make this up as they went along?

Greg Grunberg is Amazing

This actor (you know him now as Matt Parkman on HEROES) has been in every JJ Abrams series I can think of (Felicity, ALIAS…), and even though he was killed in the pilot of LOST, he still loaned his voice for the re-do. I adore Grunny. That little detail really loaned authenticity to the entire parallel world.

Really Confused?

Just enjoy the ride. The parallel world is kind of like a “Choose your own adventure” book. Major things won’t be different, but little things will. There are always consequences to actions. Both realities are real. One is just if X happened, and that would cause X to do X and so on. It’s about the effect of little decisions. And even with change, there is a sense of destiny. Because we see most of the same people making connections. And even Desmond is there. Are these people destined to meet? And if so, why? Are they important, or do we all have destinies? Can LOST make believers of us all?Confused by the Lost

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