Glee fans were abuzz with anger, singing angry power ballads in their showers when it was announced that Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy had no intention of of keeping the McKinley Seniors around after graduation. But at the Glee Comic Con panel, executive producer and co-creator Brad Falchuk said that the seniors (like Rachel Berry aka Lea Michele) would be staying around. Is this what Murphy had meant, or did minds change after the fans drew up in arms?

“Here’s the exact thing: They’re seniors. They’re graduating. But that doesn’t mean they’re leaving the show,” Falchuk said. “It was never our intention or plan to let these people go… They are not done with the show after this season.” Later on in the panel he revealed they had discussed the possibility of a spin-off show depicting the three graduates in New York, trying to start careers on Broadway, but that it probably wouldn’t happen and he was “leaning against doing it.” – Falchuk

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Well, what is vague is whether we’ll see these guys in their college settings or some of our favorites will decide not to put off college. Suddenly you’re wishing you’d invested more in the teachers that won’t be leaving, huh?

On the up side, this will possibly release certain stars from contracts to let them pursue movie deals while their star is shining brightest in Hollywood.