There is news about Damages season 4, finally! We did not want to lose the show, and there was a very real chance it almost happened. Remember when we threatened to weep? They must have decided to take pity on our tear ducts.

Here, we clear up some details:

Rose Byrne as Ellen. CR: Eric Liebowitz / FX.

So, just for the record –  is Damages canceled?


Is Damages back on FX?


Are you going to keep saying “N-

If you phrase the question like that, the answer will, ironically, stay the same. Let’s move on!

Okay. So Damages coming back means it’s officially renewed?

Correct. For two more seasons.

Where will Damages season 4 air?

It will be on DirectTV.

That’s great, but will they re-air the fourth season on FX again, like how they aired Friday Night Lights on DirecTV and then again on NBC?

Sadly, no. You might want to plan on pre-ordering the DVD if you don’t want to get DirecTV.

How many episodes will Damages season 4 and 5 have?

Each will have ten episodes.

When do new episodes of Damages air on DirecTV?

Don’t be sad, but  E! says you have to wait until summer 2012.