We sincerely hope that the fate of Damages is that it will continue! But we have no clue what will happen as of yet. (So clutch your season 1, 2, and soon-to-be-released 3 DVDs!)

Glenn Close in DAMAGES / Ph: Craig Blankenhorn for  FX

People in the TV industry know that Damages is a solidly good show, but that doesn’t mean anything to the money people. As written out by Ausiello:

Question: Is it true that Damages has been canceled? —Nancy
Ausiello: Sources at FX and Sony insist they’re still talking to DirecTV about acquiring the show. My guess? This is how the conversation is going…
Sony/FX: Please pick up Damages. It’s a good show.
DirecTV: No.
Sony/FX: But you took Friday Night Lights. Pretty please?
DirecTV: Still no.
Sony/FX: Pretty please with sugar on top?
DirecTV: I’ll cut a bitch!

How many bitches would you cut to keep Damages? Sound off in the comments. You never know who’ll see this post.