claire on lost

I was bothered by the lack of Claire Littleton in season five of Lost, but we know that Claire will be back for season six of the series (the FINAL season). The question is, in what form will Claire take?

Emile de Ravin told TV Guide that she has a lot of scenes with Evangeline Lilly this season. “Um, also there’s this: ‘I think I’m alive, as far as I know,’ de Ravin told us.” Well, she could certainly interact with Lilly as a ghost, and if there’s anyone she’d WANT to haunt…it’d be Kate. And maybe Ravin means that Claire doesn’t know she’s dead? Maybe she’s been around, all invisible and pissed people are ignoring her. I definitely don’t think it’s an easy explanation though.

Back in June of 09 series creator, Carlton Cuse said of Claire, “Damon and I are very excited to bring Claire back to the show and even more excited for people to experience just how she will return.”

Popular theories about Claire include that she’s died and become a ghost, she’s been a ghost since season 1, or she’ll emerge with no memories. I think she realized the other side of the island is Hawaii and has been chillin’ at a spa. Whatever the case, we love and missed Claire. So, huzzah. What if Lost was just the ultimate reality show (of the future) a la Survivor? Claire won!