You know Allison DeBona as one of the bright stars on The CW’s Breaking Pointe. Aside from America’s Next Top Model, Breaking Pointe has been the network’s only other truly successful reality show. Here on Small Screen Scoop, we’ve always followed the series. And when we got the chance to get to know DeBona a bit more, we jumped at the chance.

allison debona ballet west breaking pointe season 3 interview

Photo: The CW

Exclusive Allison DeBona Interview – Star of The CW’s hit series, ‘Breaking Pointe’

When not dancing, what do you and Rex (Tilton) like to do?

Rex and I like to spend our free time with my dogs. Since we work so much we feel bad leaving them all the time. We also love watching movies and shopping for things we don’t need!

What is the holiday season like for you?

At Ballet West we perform on Christmas Eve and have Christmas Day off, so Christmas Eve night we always have a company party. We don’t get to go home and see our families so we have our own traditions. One rule is that you have to come dressed up in Christmas attire or Christmas jammies! This year I think Rex and I are going for the jammie look!

allison debona ballet west nutcracker breaking pointe season 3 arabian

You said you’re strictly against liquid foundation, can you tell me more about that?

I don’t like to wear liquid foundation because it makes me feel like my skin cannot breathe. I definitely wouldn’t want to wear it while I’m sweating. In the studio I’ll only wear mascara. While performing and going out on the the town I use a mineral powder to get a clean look.

What kind of beating do your feet take as a ballerina?

In season one of Breaking Pointe I had horrible bruises on the tips of my big toes and those were hard to deal with because there wasn’t much I could do for them. I got a quarter size bigger shoes and I haven’t had issues since. I’m very lucky and don’t deal with blisters or anything. The most I do for my feet is roll my arches out on tennis balls.

What do you do in-between moments when you’re on stage for a performance?

When I have a break during a performance I don’t do too much, but I make sure I stay stretched out and warm. I wear leg warmers and pants to help with staying warm.

What TV are you loving right now?

I don’t have much time for TV, but lately I’ve been finding myself addicted to Duck Dynasty!

How have some of your peers in the ballet world reacted to Breaking Pointe?

The ballet community has not been so receptive to Breaking Pointe. Don’t get me wrong, there have been supporters, but for the most part dancers felt like we were taking too big of a chance opening up the inner working of our world. It’s been frustrating but at the same time I’ve got to the point where I don’t care much about what anyone things about the show. It’s helped Ballet West positively and also me personally.

allison debona breaking pointe the cw season 3 ballet west

What’s a new makeup item that you love?

I’m loving the Senna Voluptulash Mascara! It doesn’t run when I’m sweating and it makes my lashes look so full!

We had some mineral foundation sent to you, can you tell us your thoughts on that?

Now I love the mineral foundation from Mia Mia because it covers evenly and it’s not too shiny looking. It looks like I don’t have makeup on at all which is the best part about it!

What’s important when it comes to applying stage makeup?

While performing I think it’s important for the eyes and lips to pop! I like to switch my shadow colors around depending on my role but I also use a beautiful red lipstick on my lips! Oh, and don’t forget fake lashes!!

How long does it take to put on your makeup?

It does not take me long to do my makeup at all! Especially during a run like Nutcracker where we do 35 shows in a month! I’m putting on my stage face everyday! I’d say only 20 minutes!

allison debona cw the breaking pointe season 3 votre vu mia mariu senna cosmetics makeup nutcracker arabian halloween makeup tutorials

How to get Allison DeBona’s Makeup look from The Nutcracker

Before I start to apply my stage make-up I make sure I have a clean and moisturized face. I do not like using liquid foundation on my face at all, but especially while I’m dancing because I feel like it clogs my pores. To get an even skin tone I use Mia Mariu’s Mineral Loose Powder Foundation in Marfil. I feel like I’m not wearing make-up and it does not change coverage when I start to sweat.

senna eyeshadows

Senna “Vivid” Glow Eyeshadow – brilliant luminous purple

good stage makeup senna

Senna “Eternity” Glow Eyeshadow – beige gold

The eyes are important for stage makeup because they help you look alive in all the stage lights. For Arabian Lead in the Nutcracker I like to use gold and purple on my eyes. I pair up Senna’s eye shadows in Eternity and Vivid. I use Eternity on my entire eyelid to give it a gold shine. In the crease of my eyelid I apply the purple Vivid color to make my eye pop. To finish with eye color I use Senna’s Light Tricks Highlight duo right below my eyebrow and in the corners of my eyes to give some glow.


allison debona breaking pointe

Eyeliner is your best friend, so for Arabian I like to apply the cat eye look. I use Senna’s Pinpoint Micro Tip Eyeliner because it gives me a clean line on my eyelid. I never go on stage without fake lashes, so they are my finishing touch.

mia mariu amore lipstick


For my lips I always use a beautiful red color. It usually looks best on stage. I’ve been loving Mia Mariu’s lip color in Amore.

lotion for dry skin

BEST REGARDS Hydrating Anti-Aging Sérum for Normal to Dry Skin

When I’m finished with performing I like to wash my face and apply Votre Vu’s Best Regards Serum Hydratant Pour Le Visage to moisturize.

Note:  Mia Mariu, Senna Cosmetics, & Votre Vu sent products for this feature. We thank them!