A deeply satisfying movie for the fashionably-inclined mind, In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye airs on HBO this Thursday. But don’t just take my word for it, Nicole Kidman can explain…

There’s something pleasantly rewarding for me about seeing underdog’s praised. Not that any woman who became an Editor at Vogue has stayed an underdog in her field. But we all know that aside from Anna Wintour, the people most famously attached to Vogue for the average American are the names of the models (super or not) and celebrities who grace the covers. So it’s nice to take a peek into a deeper level to see some of the talented people who really shape something you love, like Vogue magazine.

In this case, it’s the fashion editors.

It’s been mentioned in other reviews that Anna Wintour comes across rather friendly. I can confirm that it’s true, and while watching I had a moment of “wait, isn’t this the woman who ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ was based off of?'” Because really, that persona was not there. Wintour not only heaped praised on others (expected) but came across relatable and completely human, though her perfect hair never moved.

“In Vogue” guides us through the minds and secret cashmere-lined worlds of some of the brilliant fashion editors at the magazine. The movie not only introduces us to these women, but goes into stories about some of the images we know them for – and how those images came to be. Often, the story involves memorable incidents and boundary-changing aftermath.

“The whole way we look at fashion today has shifted so dramatically,” Wintour insists during the movie. “There was a sense certainly when I first came to Vogue that people were a little bit embarrassed by it. Fashion is so universal now. And the people responsible for the fashion images in Vogue are the fashion editors. They have always been our secret weapon.”

Depending on your personality, you’ll likely gravitate towards loving different editor’s you meet in the film. I found my fashion editor soul mate in Grace Coddington, whose romantic vision aligns with magical and mystical images. But beyond that, I learned that Coddington so fully immerses herself in her work that to prepare for the infamous Alice in Wonderland shoot with fashion designers and model Natalia Vodianova, she was looking at illustrations for just about every Alice in Wonderland she could find. Some might call it an OCD level of research, but I relate to this passion and dedication.

Along with models like Vodianova and Linda Evangelista (living in a beige world with a snooty attitude), the movie showcases some designers (Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang) and celebrities (Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker).

I think that perhaps the easiest way to explain why we’d be interested in a movie about fashion editor’s comes from a quote by Kidman, said during the movie:

“They give us access to another world. They give us access to dreams.”

Do you have a favorite fashion editor at Vogue? (Other’s featured in this movie: Jade Hobson, Phyllis Posnick, Polly Mellen, Babs Simpson, Goodman, Camilla Nickerson, Carlyne Cerf.)

Here are some other Vogue images shown in the movie:

Irving Penn Bee on Lips December 1995

Irving Penn Cult Creams June 1996

Irving Penn Mascara Wars July 2001

Annie Liebovitz Alice December 2003

In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye premieres Thursday on HBO at 9 pm EST. The movie is by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato.

Photo Credit: The Vogue Fashion Editor’s by Annie Liebovitz | Natalia Vodianova in an Alice in Wonderland shoot for Vogue, photographed by Annie Liebovitz.