Elisa Donovan

Elisa Donovan

The In Gayle We Trust Webisodes from NBC.com do answer the question ‘Whatever happened to Elisa Donavan from Clueless?’ pretty efficiently.

In Gayle We Trust is, “a 10-part comedy series from NBCU Digital Studio is written and directed by multiple Emmy-winner Brent Forrester (The Office, The Simpsons, King of the Hill).” The premise is set around Gayle, who happens to be able to dispense advice to everyone around her. I’m not sure how special that is, since judgmental parents are already doing that everywhere.

Speaking of ‘everywhere’, the webisodes are set in ‘Maple Grove, America’ as to say that this can happen anywhere. While I understand that, I’m not sure that it’s a very important part. I slightly wish they had just picked a state and were done with it.  That’s right NBCU Digital Studio, I’m sensing commitment issues!

From a newlywed couple seeking weekly marital advice, to a over-confident plumber trying to protect his coveted identity, to a traveling hypnotist needing liability coverage, Gayle’s clientele range from sympathetic to pathetic to outright bizarre.

I am going to admit that when I first saw the phrase ‘In Gayle We Trust‘ I feared it was some sort of Oprah spin off show for her best friend. But I’m not sure if she spells it Gayle or Gail or Geeyle. 😛

Will you be forwarding links of this show to your friends to watch, or will you be focusing on achieving a high score in a pointless-but-addictive online computer game?

Watch the first episode of In Gayle We Trust below: