antmWhen you’re an America’s Next Top Model watcher like myself, you expect things to be nutty. I mean, we’re dealing with Tyra Banks here. But the mistake ANTM watchers make is in thinking things won’t get crazier. But E! is reporting that Eddie Murphy will be in the ANTM finale. When did HE become fashionable?

Well, celebs seem to have so much going on right now maybe he started a woman’s scrunchy business. But no, he’ll just be appearing in the finale at the fashion show as a guest (to see his daughter, model Bria Murphy). Yea, drats! It would have been fun to see him be a judge.

I’ll tell you what won’t be shocking…the winner. I can feel it in my BONES (and I drink milk, so my bones are awesome). See, Nicole is my favorite and by far favored by most (if you can believe polls – which I easily can). And the least favorite of mine and of those polled people? Erin. So obviously the winner will be Erin. That’s just how this show works, people! I know, I know – I should kick my habbit of watching ANTM, but I just can’t. It’s addictive and it pulls me in like a vacuum of sparkly doom.