Before watching The Girls Next Door, many of us may have never liked Hugh Hefner all that much. But the show really humanized him. Read on to see what Hefner’s doing now.

In the new ad campaign for Stoli Vodka, viewers are asked “Would you have a drink with you?” This campaign will contain several familiar faces, including Hugh Hefner.

Print ads and TV spots broke nationally on May 24 and will run into 2011 featuring multiple celebrities who represent a spirit of originality, people who, like the brand itself, are ground-breakers in their field, passionate and driven to excel.

The first of these Stoli ads feature Hefner.Bryan Buckley directed his 30-second and 15-second commercial spots that were set at the Playboy Mansion. You can expect to see the print ads with Hefner, shot by Mark Seliger, in early July 2010.

Earlier this year, commercials with Hefner and his girlfriends and some Playmates aired to promote Guitar Hero 5.

Whether you like Vodka or not, the tag line for this campaign is still solid: “The most original people deserve the most original vodka. Stoli. Lead On.” What do you think those  Mad Men at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce would think about this campaign?

Stoli US TV campaign: Hugh Hefner: 30

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