Wish there was an easy way to stop being so angry all the time? There is! Dr. Oz has simple solutions to manage your rage.

Omega SAD Light Therapy Device (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Super Bright 10,000 lux Blue Light

Omega SAD Light Therapy Device (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Super Bright 10,000 lux Blue Light

Next time you’re angry, HALT! Here are the reasons for being angry all the time, and how you can stop

Why am I so angry?

H stands for Hungry or more specifically, Hypoglycemia.

If you haven’t eaten, your blood sugar plummets and your brain can’t work well and your decision-making suffers. So adrenaline increases naturally to try and increase your blood sugar, but this causes anger. And so you can’t make decisions and you feel angry. This causes rage! Next time you’re getting angry, try having a quick snack. Dr. Oz recommends having a snack every 3 hours. His “Oz-approved” snacks include a trail mix of dry coconut, almonds, and dry apricots. Doesn’t it seem easy to have a snack every once in a while? You can do that!

A stands for Allergies.

You might be allergic to dust, pet dander, or mold. This will give you minor irritations in your body (itchy eyes, sore throat), which makes your mind irritated. And this makes you be annoyed easily. And this is worst in the Winter, because you’re inside more. So, how do you change this? Introduce plants into your house, because they naturally cleanse your air. You can also wash your bedding more frequently – about once a week in super hot water to kill dust mites. A little more laundry may be your savior.


dr oz trail mix

Dr. Oz Trail Mix

L stands for Light.

You need more light! During the winter especially, you will have Seasonal Affective Disorder. And this will have you sleeping poorly at night, too. Dr. Oz recommends light therapy to reset your circadian rhythm. Or, you can buy a Full Spectrum bulb which is not as expensive though not as effective. You need more light in your life!

T stands for testosterone.

We know what you’re thinking isn’t that just something that affects men? Nu uh! Testosterone and cortisol are supposed to be even in your body. But if you are stressed, your cortisol goes up, which makes your testosterone go down. You gain weight, frustrated, and have no libido. You’ll be exhausted, stressed, and then you’ll start raging. So, how can you keep your testosterone up? Try the testosterone elevated latte – mix decaf coffee and 2 tbsp hemp milk. Hemp milk is what will help, and the reason for decaf is that you don’t want more caffeine.

So, remember…. How do I stop being angry all the time? HALT