So, you’re interested in a NQA arrangement, huh?

marshall and barney no questions asked

Use this on your friends when you must! Photo: CBS. Altered text:

How I Met Your Mother – No Questions Asked

“I need you to do it no questions asked. As you recall, you owe me a No Questions Asked.” – Marshall

“No Question’s Asked,” is when you ask a friend for a favor (you can not ask why.) The great part is that if you do one for someone, you can call in one from that person – anytime. And they can’t ask any questions, either.

Here’s a list of the No Question’s Asked we heard about on the phone.

  • Marshall – He asked Robin, Barney and Ted to delete a text on Lily’s phone.
  • Ted – He asked Marshall to bring a drill to the corner where he was stuck in a mailbox. He was….a priority male!
  • Barney – He once asked Marshall to bring pants, sanitizer and underwear – but Marshall figured out why. But he also asked Marshall to sign him out of a of hospital once. (He’d swallowed real version of all the Lucky Charms symbols.)
  • Robin – She asked Marshall to come to an alley, then tell the story of when he caught a huge trout with his dad, when ice fishing. This made Marshall open his arms, and Robin jumped down into them.
  • Lily – She once asked Ted to bring 2 dozen cupcakes and box cutter to her classroom.
  • Ted – He asked Lily to throw her phone on the ground, and smash it with her phone.

Sometimes, for your friends, you just gotta do it….no question’s asked. It’s a pretty genius policy. What do you think?

No Question’s Asked Rules

  1. The first rule, of course, is that you aren’t allowed to ask questions. It’s in poor taste to even ask one – hoping for a response.
  2. Should someone ask you a question, you reply by raising your voice as you repeat, “No. Questions. Asked.”
  3. You will likely be asked to drop what you are doing. This is a priority.
  4. You will also, possibly, be asked to bring props or supplies. Do this.
  5. Should the props needed not be something you already own, and cost over $60, then you should expect to be recouped the cost by the asker.
  6. You never bring up the NQA at a later date. No dice.

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