So, you want to be like Neal Caffrey (White Collar)? We’re here to help.

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WHITE COLLAR — Episode 405 ‘Honor Among Thieves’ — Photo by: David Giesbrecht/USA Network

How to Dress Like Neal Caffrey

You want manicured nails, that’s for sure. You’ll also want great sterling silver cufflinks for your sharp suit. And make sure that looks impressive with some collar stays. How should you keep your skin nice? Try Kiehl’s Creme with Silk Groom!

How to Act Like Neal Caffrey

Read The Modern Gentleman book, and study your master with White Collar on DVD!

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Be like Neal Caffrey. ‘Cause…why wouldn’t you want to?

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White Collar Giveaway

This prize pack is a tribute to Neal Caffrey’s style and includes men’s essentials to look as polished as the great con man himself! Below are the details of the pack:

This White Collar Giveaway Prize Pack includes…
-Cufflink Ovals
-3-piece Manicure Set
-Kiehls Crème with Silk Groom
-Thomas Pink Collar Stay
-The Modern Gentleman Book
-White Collar Season 1 DVD

White Collar Season 4 Returned January 22nd to USA Network!