Playboy changed more than just society in the 60’s or America in general… let’s look at how Playboy changed the world.

And yes, Bill Cosby is going to talk on this! It’s all in a new History documentary that airs this October.

How Playboy Changed the World peeks behind the centerfolds and reveals just how Hugh M. Hefner’s men’s magazine became a worldwide empire. But more than that, it makes the case for how Playboy challenged social conventions about men, women, sex and nudity, and helped galvanize attitudes about civil liberties and civil rights. Featuring never before seen footage and insightful interviews with social historians, Playboy executives and insiders, like Jenny McCarthy, James Caan, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Diablo Cody, Bill Cosby, Shannon Tweed, Donald Trump — and, of course, Hugh Hefner, himself — this feature length documentary shows how Playboy not only changed the world but continues to have a profound impact on our daily lives and cultural values.

DVD Release Date: November 13, 2012

How Playboy Changed the World- Premieres Tuesday October 2, 2012 at 9/8c on The History Channel.