With as many millions as Paula Deen has, you’d think she’d aim for a more flattering hairstyle…


PARADE has compiled a survey of what certain celebrities make, and Deen is on the list!

Take a stab at guessing how much money the butter queen makes a year before you click under the cut! And it’s significantly more than Anne Hathaway makes. Just sayin’!

How much does Paula Deen make a year?

Year: 2013
Name: Paula Deen
Age: 66
Occupation: Celebrity TV chef
Known for: This chef and TV face has created an empire of butter! And …then she got diabetes.
How much money does Paula Deen make a year: $16.5 million (est.)
Trivia: She has type 2 diabetes and it’s suggested she has a $6 million deal with the diabetes drug company Nova Nordisk.

Seriously, are we wrong to think Deen should change her hair?