Finally, after waiting for eight seasons, fans of How I Met Your Mother were introduced to the mother, played by Cristin Milioti (Tony Award nominee for Once). The show is now nearing the premiere of the ninth and final season which is set to take place entirely within the wedding weekend for Barney and Robin. As the plot for how exactly Ted meets his wife wraps up, let’s take a look at seven little-known facts about this lengthy, hilarious tale of finding true love

Photo: CBS

Photo: CBS

7. Bob Saget, the lovable father of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in Full House, is in fact the voice of “Older Ted” who narrates the show. His role in the show is uncredited and he narrates it instead of Josh Radnor to give “Older Ted” a more mature-sounding voice.

6. Three characters on the show, Lily, Robin and Barney, have significant others in real life with recurring roles on the show. Husband of Alyson Hannigan (Lily), Alexis Denisof, plays news anchor and Robin’s co-worker Sandy Rivers; Cobie Smulders boyfriend and SNL cast member, Taran Killam, plays Barney’s co-worker, Blauman; and David Burtka, fiancé of Neil Patrick Harris, plays the Lily-obsessed Scooter.

5. The theme song (“ba da ba baa ba….”) is an excerpt from “Hey Beautiful” by The Solids, a band which the show’s creators, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, are both members.

4. Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders were both pregnant in the fourth season of HIMYM. At this point in the story plot, neither characters were expecting, so there were many tricks used on-screen to hide both bumps. Both actresses wore baggy clothes and had carefully arranged props placed in front of them. In the episode “Possimpible,” there is a scene where they flashback to Lily winning a hot dog-eating contest and reveal her baby bump to comically express how full she was.

3. In the sixth season, the episode named “Bad News” featured a hidden countdown from 50 to 1, all displayed in the background of the show. The numbers appeared on books, papers, walls, cabs, even ketchup bottles. The effect was used to subtly signal that something big was about to happen…and most likely something bad. The final scene in that episode, Lily pulls up in a cab (with the number 001 on it) and gets out to tell Marshall the news that his dad had died. For this scene, Segel’s script had originally read that Lily tells him she was pregnant. The writers worked with Hannigan on a plan so that Segel was actually surprised by the news. The scene was done in only one take.

2. All of Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie’s scenes as Ted’s future children (whose names still are not revealed on the show) were filmed all during the first season to keep them the same age throughout the series.

1. **SPOILER ALERT** Someone dies in the last season, Bays and Thomas revealed at this year’s Comic Con. We do not know who, how or when, but we do know there will be a death. On a lighter note, How I Met Your Mother’s final season will air on Monday, September 23 for a special one-hour premiere. Get ready to meet the future Mrs. Mosby and take part in Robin and Barney’s wedding.

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