You love to smile, which is why we know that you love How I Met Your Mother.


Best Moments of How I Met Your Mother Season 8

  1. The Barney-is-dating-Patrice storyline and big reveal.
  2. “The Bro Mitzvah” gives us Ralph Maccio, and Barney’s deep hatred for him is once-again explored.
  3. The song that two Ted’s and two Barney’s sing at the end of “The Time Travelers.”
  4. Learning what Robin’s drink is. (So we can all order it.)
  5. Barney breaking in to Robin’s apartment to find out who she used to be obsessed with. (Paul Shaffer!)
  6. Lily demonstrates more ALDRIN JUSTICE.
  7. Barney meeting Robin’s Dad. Who, incidentally, doesn’t believe a man is grown up if he still has blonde hair.
  8. Barney’s monologue about Robin in “Farhampton.” Here’s a taste…”Robin dated Kevin but not for long and then I met you and you took my Grandpa’s watch, but I fell in love with you anyway and you let me fart in front of you and I asked you to marry me and you said yes so we came over here to meet little Marvin and that’s everything. Also I went on the Price Is Right and I won a dune buggy.”
  9. We actually find out who the Mother will be!
  10. The perfect Shins song.

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In the uproarious Eighth Season of How I Met Your Mother, the arrival of baby Marvin reminds Marshall and Lily of things they need, like sleep, better jobs and sex! Meanwhile Barney uses his playbook to win over Robin, but not her scary dad. Marshall tries to right a wrong in court in hopes of becoming a judge, and Robin’s past is judged. Ted designs an amazing building, and also has designs on Barney’s half-sister! But does he meet his future wife? Check out all 23 hilarious, legend – wait for it – dary 23 Season 8 episodes, featuring guest stars like Paul Shaffer, Ralph Macchio and Kyle MacLachlan!

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