Photo Credit: CBS

Photo Credit: CBS

I was pretty in love with Monday’s episode of How I Met Your Mother “Twin Beds”. My favorite part had to be the showdown between drunk Ted and drunk Barney. I’m gonna bullet point a breakdown of the episode:


  • The way Marshall acted like they’d had a one night stand after Lily and him got it on, and then he wanted her back in her twin bed. “You knew what this was.”
  • Sleep bed, sleep bed, sex bed. Genius! “A sex bed! A dirty, dirty sex bed! … and a beanbag chair for special birthday stuff.” Marshall and Lily’s relationship is never boring, and often TV couples that get married become annoying. I can’t get enough of these two, though.
  • Flashbacks to indicate why Don thought Ted was gay were pretty funny, and things I can see Ted doing. Calligraphy, “football costumes”,  fancy baking? Love it.
  • Ted has a “For my biographer” box. I love a man who plans for the future! The “to my future self” letters in general were pretty funny. Especially Barney’s with the important postscript.
  • “Where’s this TV you keep bragging about?”


  • The final scene, with Ted walking in on Robin’s empty apartment with just the blue horn.
  • Barn door and Teddy bear.
  • The way Robin and Don were both ready to go to work together – sometimes we forget that Robin needs someone in her work life.


  • Robin not telling Don into the fact that she dated Ted. I can understand being embarrassed of dating Barney, but Ted is fine!
  • As much as I always wanted to see Ted want Robin just once more, this felt forced and fake. I believe that Barney actually does want to be with Robin, but Ted didn’t seem as invested. This could be because I already know there’s no hope for them to end up together.
  • How did Robin move out with just Don and herself, and have no one notice? Were they midnight bandits?
  • I liked Don better when he had a personality and didn’t wear pants. He’s so boring. If this boyfriend is sticking around, let’s make him more interesting!