Lily married the best guy in this universe. But she has powers to deflect any hatred for that.

I say this with all serious, Lily and Marshall’s apartment is ugly and I hate when scenes are set there. And since almost all of the episode “Say Cheese” took place there, it was a hard episode to watch. All of the colors of their place seem to be mustard and gold and lime. I much prefer the warmth of Ted and Robin’s place. But as it was Lily’s birthday, they celebrated at her place. They even did black tie, and had the whole gang there. Well, the whole gang plus one random skank.

The Sacredness of Birthdays

Ted had invited a new girlfriend to the event. And much as the episode tried to show both sides, I firmly believe that if you’re dealing with a close group, or at least with Lily and it’s her BIRTHDAY – you do not mess up her special day. You do NOT promise to bring her favorite birthday cake and then arrive with no cake, and an uninvited date. If you do that to me, you are dead to me right then and there. Birthday’s are important.

When Ted called Lily a birthday brat, I was offended. If there is one day you are allowed to be a brat and hope that everything goes perfectly – it’s your birthday. It’s not your wedding, because no one’s wedding ever goes that well. But birthdays continually allow you a chance to improve upon the last one. You have to seize that special day and throttle everyone in your inner circle into not screwing it up. Which, of course, they always do.

Fashion on Parade

Lily even managed to look the cutest in this episode in her bright blue dress and tiara. I wasn’t loving Robin’s pink dress. I don’t even remember what Alison was wearing, but I kept thinking “Is that Alona Tal? No. Wait, is it?”. So it was distracting.

The ‘Marshall is the Perfect Guy’ Factor

Marshall seems like the best husband in the world. He supports his wife no matter what, defends her, and for her birthday he made her a themed breakfast in bed and even put a giant poster of Spain up in the window. He’s the kind of guy it wouldn’t be terrible to spend your entire life with. (The problem with Ted is that I think he’d get annoying pretty fast.)


There were plenty of flashbacks in this episode – of Ted with old girlfriends, Marshall consoling Ted’s old girlfriends, College days, Paris days, Karen (guest star: Laura Prepon) memories, even a snapshot of Barney’s elementary school photo. And they nailed it with that tacky background. I can’t believe they ever offered that option. I always choose classic blue.

Bottom Line for Birthdays

I feel friends should sign contracts, and if they are the one who is responsible for ruining your birthday – they should be responsible for a do-over the next day. If you don’t agree, you’re probably one of the people who is always ruining other people’s special days.