Ted Mosby is sometimes a doofus. But, don’t forget, he can also be quite eloquent.

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Married…finally! (Seems like it took forever, huh? That’s because it DID.) Photo: CBS

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In “The End of the Aisle,” HIMYM fans were treated to seeing Robin finally start to freak out about getting married. It was T-minus 1 hour. The dress was on. But we’d seen this scene before, as flashbacks in earlier seasons.

It was Robin’s time to freak out.

And, then, in a move that frustrated every Robin and Barney shipper, Robin started convincing herself that she should be with Ted. She was as far as to suggest that Ted is who she should be marrying, and that they climb out the window together.

And when Ted disagreed? Robin locked him in the room and escaped on her own. (But only momentarily.)

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Marshall and Lily created some new, touching, vows. Photo: CBS

In the midst of this, Ted managed to give us one hell of a quote about the nature of love.

“Love is the best thing we do…and it doesn’t have to make sense to make sense.” – Teddy Westside aka Ted Mosby aka the guy who got a butterfly tramp stamp that one time

This episode, “The End of the Aisle” was home to other sweet moments. Perhaps none as honest as what Marshall said to Lily in their do-over vows:

“You’re the love of my life and you deserve to take a deuce in peace” – Marshall Erikson

Somehow, both of those quotes were equally perfect.