If you ever stop watching Glee for a while, then return… you might find yourself having the same realization that I did. …Glee totally gave me Stockholm syndrome! I’m Lizzie Bennet…er, Jessica Rae, and I can’t believe Glee’s gotten so bad.

Gingers like to wear green. Or so I am going to say. Photo: Fox

Gingers like to wear green. Or so I am going to say. Photo: Fox

Glee “Girls and Boys on Film” Review

Let’s get this out of the way: Glee has lowered in quality, become sillier than ever, and been trying to force new characters in our faces when the fans really only want their beloved Klaine and Finchel.

A bunch of stuff happened, but … there’s no real plots. And it’s hard to care about the new characters. And the old ones are changing and morphing into more annoying versions of themselves. Which is why Glee is no longer appointment TV for me. No, not even if Santana is in the episode. That’s how dire these straits are, darlings. But I commend you if you’re still on board. And if you need a recap of what happened, I’ve got it for you. Is this a review, is it a recap? I’m not quite sure this time. It’s a mash-up, see? I’M ON THEME. Mr. Schu would be so proud.

Mr. Schuester still loves Mash-Ups

And so do I, but only when they’re good and work. Using a mash-up that Moulin Rouge had already created seemed like cheating.

Finn cleared his conscience

But this might have been one of those times when the truth was only going to hurt the other person.

Emma wasn’t hiding very well

The craziest part is that Will still couldn’t find her. She was at her sister’s house, which was in the same town! Was he looking very hard? Ah well, he’s telling her how he still wants her, and he did it by using an homage from Say Anything. John Cusack…he is not. But, still….it was pretty sweet. Plus, I love seeing more of Jayma Mays!

Also of note:

  • Rachel may or may not be preggers.
  • Santana thinks Brody is a drug dealer…based on the telltale beeper and wads of cash.
  • Kurt and Blaine aren’t back together yet.
  • The 500th song was “Shout.”
  • For a movie-themed episode, it seems odd that two of the songs were from the same damn movie.
  • Oh! And Marley admitted that Ryder had kissed her.
  • Kitty says she wants to be a real friend to Marley. She’s probably lying.

Have you given up on Glee for a few episodes at a time, or are you still as addicted as ever?