If you said you had a great idea for a disease that made someone cop up to mistakes, even felonies, that they didn‘t commit – I’d say the idea would only work in in fanfiction. But even in season 8, House M.D. is proving to us that reality is so, so much stranger than fiction.

house season 8

Old Team vs New Team

The dynamics are intense. The old team is actually one member of the original team and one member of team 2.0. Both of those team members have worked with Foreman, who is now the Dean of Medicine blah blah blah. We can just call him The New Cuddy, right? Taub, in particular, seems intent on knowing every one of House’s moves before he makes it. He wants to prove he knows how House thinks, how he’ll do things, etc. He’s a House expert. Part of me wonders if Taub left his plastic surgury job because fixing noses wasn’t challenging enough, or if his life wasn’t challenging enough with someone like House in it, and he wanted to prove he could master good ol’ Greg House, now.

There was plenty of comedy, but the greatest bit came from Taub’s reaction to hearing the bed he put his twins on had been covered in semen, fecal matter (both human and animal) etc. Joke’s on you, again, Taub!

Original team member Chase is totally playing a repeat on his life as he gets close to Adams. She’s a lot like Cameron was in those early years. I’d be more intrigued if Chase went for Park. But sometimes (cough – often – cough) tv show relationships are predictable. We’ve seen them together in just one episode but already I know they’re going to have romance. Or they’ll at least bone.

When it comes to the new team, neither one of them were targets last night in “The Confession” but that doesn’t mean they’re off the hook. Mwahaha.

Who do you like better, the new team or the old team? I’d say that the best moment of the episode goes to the Old Team, and their fists or solidarity.

house season 8The Way to Wilson’s (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)

On The Good Wife (it’s a good show, do you watch or what?!) there’s often talk of the phrase “Chinese Wall” which means an inflexible barrier. But House doesn’t believe in walls at all. His big project was to make one of Wilson’s walls lift up with the push of a button, much like a garage door opener. I had never suspected that Wilson’s office was positioned there and feel like if it always  had been, we would have had more secret knocks from Wilson and House against that wall. I’m also not sure what purpose it serves, since you can’t really do a sneak attack when the wall moves slowly and kind of loudly.

Opening Credits

The opening credits are back! I need more Massive Attack in my life, guys. The images for this sequence are only slightly changed from season 1, although the names have all been shuffled. It does make me sad that the image of boats on the water (rowing? crew? am I pretending to know this stuff?) that used to accompany the name of Jennifer Morrison are gone. I always really liked that image.

Final Analysis

This is probably the final season of House, so let’s just have fun and enjoy it. I may not adore Odette Annable as Adams, but all in all the show remains clever and witty. And it’s so rare you get both.

If you are looking for another House review, I enjoyed the one by Luke Gelineau on Daemon’s TV. (It appears he was also was a fan of BSG and can talk about guest star  Jamie Bamber, whereas I have almost no knowledge on that particular show.)

Who is your favorite team member? How do you think House is going to make use of that not-so-secret door to Wilson’s office? Do you miss Olivia Wilde?