You’ll never guess what brand of twisted psychological disorder does House’s latest patient suffer from.

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Vincent Spano and Hugh Laurie in House M.D. “Perils of Paranoia”

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House “Perils of Paranoia” Summary

A prosecutor suffers from what he believes to be cardiac arrest during an interrogation at the witness stand. The team’s preliminary diagnosis is hyper-anxiety, but when Adams and Park investigate the patient’s home and find a hidden arsenal of firearms, they uncover a more alarming and deep-seated psychological disorder.

Also, Wilson becomes obsessed with proving that House is hiding something in his home, Park slowly comes out of her social shell and Foreman’s lack of romantic relationships piques the interest of Taub and Chase. House season 8 episode 8.

Omar Epps and Peter Jacobson in House M.D. Wonder what Foreman wants from Taub… probably to control House, again.

Vincent Spano and Jesse Spencer as our patient and Dr. Chase. Caption this! What is going on? And does Spano look a little bit like Jon Hamm here?

Here’s Hugh Laurie as Greg House probably poking his nose (and cane) where it doesn’t belong.

Here’s Yaya DaCosta – is she a possible love interest for Dr. Foreman on House season 8? I just wish she didn’t have her leather jacket draped over her arm because it made me think it was a leather arm cast at first.

house and wilson season 8

House and Wilson season 8 goodness. Sigh.

Written by David Shore and Thomas L. Moran. Stars: Hugh Laurie, Omar Epps and Robert Sean Leonard. Odette Annable, Jesse Spencer, Peter Jacobson and Charlyene Yi also star. House Pictures from Fox.

House airs Mondays on Fox